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Dual sided Medium Soft Mattress

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why do we make this mattress? 
                              These mattress feature as Dual side usage purpose design. Our mattresses are sold at incredibly affordable prices and are purchased by all types of people. These also produce a medium-soft sleeping experience.

Who's Right person for this mattress?
                             All types of sleepers can use this mattress. having a pleasant and restful sleep every time. assuming the posture of your body and offering additional advantages like Best Edge Support.

Mattress Layers & Information's  

Single layer of HR Foam , Knitted Fabric ,Tapedge- Good Appearance in mattress look.

1. It is used as a support layer that has a long lifespan and offers the good amount of ortho support.
2. HR Foam is only utilized in one layer. We feel both soft and hard when using this HR foam.
3. Knitted fabric is also used, which provides a soft feel without being hot.

User advantages: These cushions' covers can be reversed. These portable mattresses may be transported anywhere. For prolonged use, the mattresses can be turned over and used once every three months.


₹3,924.00 ₹5,232.00 25% Off
You Save ₹ 1308 on the MRP.
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Comfortable sleep in your budget


                                               Our advanced high-quality materials and foams are structured, as thebest dual comfort mattress in the market. The Grassberry’s dual comfort mattress comes with double sides usable surfaces with sagging free. One is medium-firm and the other is firm, which helps people to choose the best quality of sleep according to every requirement.


                                                 The longevity of dual comfort mattresses helps you in experiencing the best sleep. As we are the best dual sided HR Foam mattress in India, we sell out mattresses online. Each side of this dual sided mattress is equally comfortable and gives exceptional support. Being the best mattress manufacturer in India, we refer to people being certifiably benefitted from it. We set down some of the major benefits of our dual comfort mattress if you are planning to purchase it:


1) Tolerance: The dual comfort mattress comes with the double preference ( as the name itself says ) of smooth and rough surfaces. Our sleepers can choose the sides depending on their sleeping desire.

2) Comfortness: A pleasant sleep is an initial plan of buying the best mattress and you firmly obtain that with the dual comfort mattress. With the perfect stability of smooth and rough firmness, your physique receives the constrain composure amount it needs.

3) Durability: Its strengthen standard and double characteristics give you maximum comfort in any case of weather conditions. During summer, you can reverse to the smoother surface while in heavy winter the rough surface keeps you warm-hearted and comfortable.

4) Toss-Proof: Hurl and go round sleeping patterns frequently conduct tenderness to your sleeping partner. The dual comfort mattress is toss-n-go round evidence. You can control the sides of the mattress while sleeping without waking up your partner.

5 ) Quality: Best dual sided mattress enhances the quality of comfort throughout the year.

6) Pressure administration: The high-Resilience foam gives an approach to double the sides of the mattress. It helps to give out the force evenly all over the bed hence and, outstanding balancing the surface.


                                  At Grassberry we worked diligently to produce the dual comfort hr foam mattresses with the excellent stability of hold up and comfort, so you can awake to freshen every morning, our supportable manufacturing procedures leave competitors trailing.


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