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Should you buy Latex or a Memory foam Mattress? Which is Goood for you?





With the rise of advancement in technology and innovation in foam mattresses & latex mattresses; many are unaware of its benefits & differences. There are stark differences between the two. this will give detailed information on latex and memory foam mattresses, with their pros and cons.

What is Memory Foam Mattress?

The memory foam mattress is manufactured using a type of polymer called polyurethane foam (poly-foam). This polyfoam consists of tiny empty spaces filled with air. The viscoelastic property of the Memory foam mattress is achieved by the Polyfoam manufacturing process which consists of chemicals, plant oils, and the combination of both the chemicals and foam oils. This viscosity property gives dense structure to the mattress. The  memory foam mattress conforms and stretches when it is subjected to heat and pressure.


Memory foam is made in different densities ranging from soft to firm. Softer memory foam gives comfort to the sleeper while the firm one is used for support purposes.


Memory foam can adjust and change according to the sleeper's body. The foam stretches and changes according to the pressure points of the body like shoulders and hips. The memory foam gradually returns to its original shape if the sleeper changes its sleeping position. The foam underneath the memory foam conforms to the shape of the sleeper. The memory foam is often manufactured, infused, or swirled with graphite, copper, and gel; thereby making it absorb the heat and move it away from the sleeper's body while sleeping.

Advantages of using Memory foam Mattress

Memory foam works well for many people. Whit its high comfortability and contouring property, a memory foam mattress can be a popular choice for most people especially side sleepers & back sleepers. This also helps in maintaining the neutral spine by releasing the pressure at the pressure points of the body; hip and shoulder. Memory foam mattresses can opt for people who suffer from spine issues. The memory foam mattress conforms according to the sleeper at the head, waist, and knees.

What is Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress is manufactured either with natural or synthetic materials. Some latex mattress comes in a combination of both natural and synthetic layers. The natural latex is extracted from the rubber trees and it is the purest of its kind. These natural layers of latex mattresses are very economic and can be opted for by people who choose nature as an option. However, we used 100% Natural Latex in our 

for your healthy sleep. Latex foam mattress settles back to its original form at a faster rate when compared with the memory foam mattress. 



Synthetic latex is extracted from synthetic materials such as petrol chemicals. It gives a feel similar to the natural latex foam mattress but gives less bounce when compare with the natural latex bed mattress. The other two common variants are Dunlop latex and Talalay latex. The Dunlop mattress is highly durable and retains the shape for a longer time; while the Talalay latex helps in keeping the comfortable body temperature during the night time and it is highly preferred by overheated people.

Advantages of using Natural Latex Mattress

The perfect firmness & gentle cushioning of the latex mattress offers you an adequate amount all over the body parts. Our Latex mattress is naturally hypoallergenic, it keeps you fresh while sleeping and consists of natural cooling properties, which makes it best for all seasons.



Edge Support

A latex mattress offers more support than a memory foam mattress when one sits on the edge of the mattress. 

Motion Isolation

Both Memory foam & Latex mattresses resist motion transfer to minimize the movement feeling during the Night-time.

Pressure Relief

Memory foam mattress stretches and changes according to the body shape of the sleeper and relieves pressure that builds up at the pressure points of the body – Hip and Knees.


Memory foam mattress conforms according to the body shape of the sleeper and give them a more comfortable feeling.


During sleep, the mattress tends to absorb the heat produced by the sleeper. Latex mattress does not hold heat, as the memory foam mattress does.   

Dust & Mite Resistance

The mites cannot able to thrive in the natural latex mattress because of its allergen-free in nature. 


When pressure is applied over the memory foam mattress, it reacts less than the latex mattress. The latex mattress gives one the feeling of bouncing due to its rubbery nature.

Heat Resistance 

The density of the memory foam mattress is higher than the latex mattress, which causes memory foam to not disperse the heat. The latex mattress absorbs and releases heat which is highly recommended for overheated persons.


The holes present in the Latex Mattress allow the air to flow through it, thereby transferring the heat from the Mattress to the environment. This helps in-person to be cool during their sleep by dispersing the heat.

Control Allergies 

The material used in the Latex Mattress resists mold, allergens, and mildew and controls the allergies caused by them for sensitive people.


When compare with memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses last longer and last for more than 10 years.


Both memory foam mattresses and latex actresses support people who suffer from back pain by releasing the pressure on the joints. The person who looking to buy a new mattress considered the above-mentioned factors and opt for the one that best suits you. The memory foam mattress is suitable for the persons who sleep on their stomach/backside and the latex mattress can be preferred by those ones, who needs a bounce feeling and it provides conform according to the body shape of the people.



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